Villain Mountain

The Ride

Where did it all start? An article from a defunct web site called The Dreamfinder.
The article was 5 or 6 years old and talked about "Fire Mountain". Nothing has ever
  come true from that story but that didn't stop me from creating the next great E-Ticket attraction!

Ride Map (Acrobat Reader required)

Villain Mountain

An E-Ticket attraction taking riders on an adventure to escape the Disney Villains. The Genie from Aladdin assists the riders in their journey.

The vehicles are the same type as the Indiana Jones/CTX vehicles. They are in the shape of Aladdin’s Magic Carpet.

The exterior of the ride looks like a large volcano. The top area glows red at night but no fire or smoke. Rumblings happen at intervals. It is situated in Fantasyland on the old 20k location.

Queue: You are inside The Magic Kingdom Museum of Art and you are heading to the Villain’s Exhibit. Artifacts and items are on display. Different museum things are all around like a suit of armor with a mouse-eared helmet, etc. Inside jokes abound; little known items people might not know where they are from, etc. Pictures from different Disney films and characters are on the walls done in different styles (Dali, Van Gogh, Seurat, etc). There is a hallway leading out of the room marked “Villain’s Tour”.

Tour: The mood changes in this hallway. BGM playing is moody and a bit sinister. Villain artifacts are on display. Everyone enters a large room with queue lines in preparation for the pre-show (like the pre-boarding room in the Great Movie Ride). Lighting is more dramatic: reds and greens. Velvet drape-like hangings on the walls. Things like Madame Medusa’s false eyelashes and Gaston’s knife; etc are on display. The pre-show room is then loaded from there. Queue is opened and closed to accommodate the line.

Pre-show: The room has a stage on one side. On the walls are paintings of different villains. When the show begins the curtain raises on a stage with a movie screen and villain artifacts on display. The artifacts are: Maleficent’s staff, the magic lamp Jafaar was captured in, and the Evil Queen’s box for Snow White’s Heart. A Cast Member/Entertainer is playing the part of the Curator. They can be male or female.

Curator: Welcome to the Magic Kingdom Museum of Art. We are glad you could join us for this very special exhibit showcasing the great Disney villains throughout history. [Title picture shown on the screen.]

Curator: On the stage are just a few of the many items we have collected from around the world. To your left is the lamp that Jafaar was trapped in when Aladdin outwitted him. [Lights up on lamp display. Screen shows a scene of Jafaar from Aladdin. The Curator runs his hand across the lamp and it begins to smoke a bit unbeknownst to him/her.]

Curator: Here is the Evil Queen’s box that she ordered her huntsman to place Snow White’s heart in. Luckily, he took pity on Snow White and let her escape. [The Curator opens the box while talking. A strange glow begins to emanate from the box as he turns away. The screen shows the Evil Queen from Snow White. A slight rumbling is felt and the lights flicker ever so slightly.]

Curator: This staff belonged to Maleficent who placed a curse on Princess Aurora. [The Curator touches the staff which begins to glow as he turns and walks to the opposite side of the stage. The screen shows Maleficent.]

Curator: As you can see, these items are all very beautiful. It seems that a villain just can’t resist…..

[The rumbling starts up again and doesn’t stop. Lights flicker. The Curator looks around in fear and surprise. The screen goes black. The only lights you can see are on the three artifacts with the staff glowing the brightest. An explosion is heard as all the lights go out. Maleficent’s voice echoes around the room. During the blackout, the staff lowers into the stage and the Maleficent figure rises up.]

Maleficent: We are free! Ahahahahaha! [Lights come up on Maleficent (an A100 figure) on the stage holding her staff. All the pictures of the villains are destroyed as if each one burst through their canvases.] Welcome, dear guests. How unfortunate for you all to be visiting here at this time. My associates and I are so happy to have been released, because now we can take over the Magic Kingdom!

Curator: [Stage opposite Maleficent] No! This isn’t possible!

Maleficent: Oh, yes it is, mortal. There is magic in all of these items. Bringing them here has freed us and allowed all of us to come together. And with our combined powers no one will be able to stop us. Ahahahahaha!

[The Curator runs off the stage out of sight. Maleficent turns and points her staff at him/her. There is a flash and a smoking hole appears in the wall near where he/she ran but has missed him/her.]

Maleficent: Curses! Guard!

[An animated guard appears on the movie screen. He is the same type of pig-like animal from the film Sleeping Beauty.]

Guard: Yes, your Majesty?

Maleficent: Capture that fool before our plans are discovered!

Guard: Yes, your Majesty! [The guard runs off the screen in the direction the Curator went.]

Maleficent: [Turning towards the audience.] You are now my prisoners. [Maleficent waves her staff and the room rumbles.] I’m sure my guards will take good care of you while our plans are carried out…..

[The guard appears on the screen running in.]

Guard: Your Majesty! Your Majesty!

Maleficent: [Very annoyed at the interruption.] What is it?!?

Guard: That mortal gave us the slip! We can’t find where it’s hiding!

Maleficent: You blundering fool! Must I do everything myself?!? You and your men guard these prisoners. I will deal with this human personally.

Guard: Yes, your Majesty!

[Maleficent raises her hands and disappears in a cloud of smoke. The guard is still standing on the screen. After the audience sees the stage is empty the guard looks left and right to make sure she’s not around and then reaches behind his head and ‘unzips’ his body. It falls away revealing the Genie.]

Genie: Thank goodness, old Ugly-Face is gone! I thought she’d never leave! It’s quite hot in that disguise. Hey folks! That museum curator with the glasses told me you were in a little trouble. You know…I told them not to bring together all those artifacts. But did they listen to me? Noooooooo! Well, here’s the story so far: All the villains have appeared here and are plotting to take control of the Magic Kingdom and use it for their own evil deeds! (Sounds like it would make one groovy attraction, huh?) Now, Maleficent has zapped this auditorium to her dungeon where she will keep you all captive until they put their plan into motion. But it’s Genie to the rescue! Now here’s what we’re gonna do. I have a friend of mine here who can help us. [Whistles] Hey Ruggie! Come on!

[The Magic Carpet flies onto the screen.]

Genie: Yep. The Ol’ Magic Carpet is gonna take ALL of you out of the dungeon and to freedom….. [While the Genie says this his smile slips from his face and he stops talking. He is ‘counting’ the number of guests he ‘sees’.] Uh-oh. Problem. The Fire Marshall says that M.C. can carry 12 passengers safely…but there’s a lot more than 12 of you. Hmmmmmm….[Snaps his fingers.] Got it!

[The Genie grabs the Carpet and wads him up into his fist. He then holds his fist up to his mouth and blows. Lots of Carpets fly out the other end of Genie’s hand and float around the screen.]

Genie: Talk about your multiple personalities. Well, it’s time to vamoose, folks. Just go out the doors and grab your Carpet outside. Don’t forget to buckle up! And for Heaven’s sake, don’t lag behind!

[The Genie and all the Carpets fly off the screen towards the doors as the curtain lowers. The doors that the guests first entered open to reveal a different passage – not the Museum hallway they entered by. During the show the whole room has traveled forward approximately 20 feet. The large double-doors open outward so they block the guests’ view of mechanisms and gaps between the different hallways and room. This gives the guests a sense of having been transported to the dungeon inside the Mountain. Once all guests have exited, the CM inside the room makes sure they are clear and resets the theater for the next load.]

The hallway beyond is a dungeon with guttering torches in sconces. This leads into another small queue area to prepare guests for boarding their vehicle.

Loading Area: A few skeletons are chained to a wall in an alcove. These skeletons have a recorded dialogue or actors can also control them and interact with the guests as they wait. The Magic Carpet vehicles pull up to the loading area and the guests board for their escape trip. The CM’s are dressed in the same costumes as the CM’s in the Museum.

Scene 1 – Magic Mirror

The Magic Carpet dispatches and carries the guests into the tunnels of Villain Mountain. After making a turn in the tunnel they enter the Evil Queen’s throne room. On the wall is the Magic Mirror. It is very large and hangs in front of the riders. The Magic Mirror’s Face slowly appears.

Magic Mirror: You have escaped, I see, but you will be caught. I will inform the Queen of your whereabouts and she will find you.

[The Genie comes into the Magic Mirror glass next to the Face.]

Genie: That’s enough out of you! [Genie pulls the bottom of the Face and lets go. The face snaps up like a window shade and is gone.] Boy, this place is a maze. And with all the baddies crawling around we gotta be really careful. It’s going to take all my magic skills to get us to safety. [There’s a puff of smoke in the mirror and the Genie appears in a cartoon version of a CM costume with a huge nametag that says ‘Genie’ on it.] Please remain seated at all times, keeping your arms and hands inside the Carpet! Now, let me get down there with you. [Genie snaps his fingers, disappears from the mirror and appears in the tiny flat screen in each row. The screen looks like a small, ornate mirror. The Magic Mirror glass is now all cracked.] Let’s go, Carpet! [The MC turns towards a dark doorway.] Alakazam-Alakazome! Make me a doorway to take us home! [Genie snaps his fingers and the dark room ahead is filled with swirling lights and smoke.]

Voice of The Wicked Queen: What have you done to my Mirror?!? You will pay for this!

Genie: Uh-oh!

[As the MC enters the smoke there’s a flash of colored lights and the MC slews about in the darkness.]

Genie: Oh, no! The Wicked Queen’s spell is interfering with my magic! Hold on everybody! It’s gonna be a bumpy flight! [The small screens fill with static. The Genie looks at it with a worried face and looks at the riders.] This is not going as I planned. [The screen becomes all static and then winks out.]

Scene 2 – Ursula’s Lair

Lights come up and you are in an underwater grotto. Bubble screens and bubble machines are used to add to the feel. The Carpet moves in such a way as to feel like you are floating through the water, “under the sea.”

The car proceeds into the next cave. Ursula is next to her cauldron invoking a spell.

Ursula: Welcome, my friends. I was told to capture you if you should appear…but I have a better plan: I’ll DESTROY you all, instead! [Ursula laughs and waves her arm and an explosion happens next to the Carpet. It swerves away.]

The Carpet moves among some rocks. Flotsam jumps out at the guests and right after that, Jetsom does the same. The Carpet comes to a stop in pitch blackness. Ursula’s eyes light up as her body rises. She is in giant-Ursula form.

Ursula: Say good-bye! [A huge tentacle swings at the Carpet as her evil laugh echoes everywhere.]

The screens fill with static. The Genie pries the static open and sticks his head through.

Genie: Carpet! To the Right! Hurry! [The carpet shoots forward as another tentacle flies by. The lights swirl in the tunnel and the screens wink out again.]

Scene 3 – Peter Pan

Regular: The Carpet is on a dock surrounded by buildings. Storage crates and hoists and other nautical items are all over. The Carpet moves next to one building with an open window. You hear Captain Hook plotting. The Genie uses a squeegee to wipe the static off the mirror.

Genie: Carpet. Keep an eye out for another one of those magical exits. [A metal detector and headphones appear on the Genie who looks like he is searching for precious metals.]

Captain Hook: I’m through going after that blasted Peter Pan. We are joining forces with our fellow Villains and going after an even bigger fish.

Smee: What’s that Cap’n?

Captain Hook: The Magic Kingdom, my dear Smee. A worthy treasure, indeed. I can just imagine myself piloting our ship through the Rivers of America. [Both laugh but Hook suddenly stops.] Shhhh! What was that?

Smee: I didn’t hear anything, sir. [The sounds of Hook walking to the window can be heard. The Carpet takes off around the corner of the building into an alley. The Carpet comes to a stop. Pirates can be heard running around talking about looking for an intruder.]

[The Carpet ‘creeps’ between a stack of crates and takes off around another corner up to the imposing figure of Captain Hook.]

Captain Hook: Avast there, you bilge rats! I’ve got you now! [Hook swings a sword at you as you zip past.]

[The Carpet turns another corner and whips around stacks of crates. Overhead a green-clad figure flashes by. With another turn the Magic Carpet is on a dock with the Captain’s ship anchored there and the gangplank directly in front of you. Animated pirates are on either side are racing toward the Carpet. The Carpet zooms up the gangplank onto the ship and turns right. Just past the mast you hear sounds of a sword fight and then see Peter Pan dueling with Captain Hook.]

Captain Hook: Blast you Peter Pan! Will I even be rid of you!?!

Peter Pan: Not as long as you keep terrorizing the seas of Neverland, you won’t! [Hook and Pan duel back and forth as they talk.]

Genie: Found it! Carpet! Aim for the Captain’s quarters! Pronto!

[A whistling and a thud is heard and a dagger appears in the mast you pass but the door of the quarters is there as the lights dim and smoke appears with the lighting effects. Several pirates appear coming after the guests. The Carpet enters darkness leaving them behind.]

Scene 4 – Halloween Town

[The Carpet appears inside the graveyard of Halloween Town.]

Genie: [All that’s seen is a Genie-ish blue sine wave on the screen] Darn magic doorways! They keep throwing off my reception. What WAS the Evil Queen using in her spells, anyway? Hi-octane eye-of-newt?

[The Carpet weaves around some headstones and comes to the entrance to Halloween Town. The portcullis raises and you enter the town. The streets are empty. The Count Down Clock is ringing showing it almost time for Christmas. As the bell tolls the numbers on the clock switch from “002 days to Christmas” to “001 days to Christmas.” The Carpet passes Dr. Finkelstein in his wheelchair. He is holding up his lamp and calling for Sally who has run away again. The Carpet enters the theater. Jack Skellington is standing against a dark area on stage. The Carpet stops in front of the stage. On it is Jack’s version of Christmas. Sally is near him on the steps up to the stage. Many other denizens of Halloween Town are scattered among the seats.]

Jack: Hello there! Welcome to Halloween Town! You are just in time to help us celebrate our very first Christmas!

Sally: Jack! It’s all wrong! I had vision that this Christmas will be a disaster!

Jack: [To Sally] Oh, no! My Christmas will be filled with fun!

Genie: [The sine wave forms into a wire mesh figure of the Genie which slowly fills in to a solid body] Excuse me, Mr. Skellington. We are actually trying to find an exit door back to our world. You see, this wicked Queen’s spell has played havoc with my own and flung my exit door all over the place! Have you seen it? It’s very smoky and has twinkly lights everywhere?

Jack: Why, yes, yes I have! Out near Spiral Hill! Just follow Zero. He’ll guide you. [Zero appears near to a door on the left of the stage and barks. He flies through the wall next to the door. A Pepper’s Ghost effect is used to create Zero’s see-through body.]

Genie: [His body has filled out and he is his regular self.] Thank you so much, Bone-Daddy!

Jack: You’re welcome! And Merry Christmas!

[The Carpet takes off towards the door which flies open as the Carpet approaches. The riders are now on the outside of Halloween Town. You are on a path that winds toward Spiral Hill. Something glimmers at the base. Zero is barking and flying around a corner. The Carpet follows him. Around that corner is a fork in the road with a sign. One part points left and says ‘Spiral Hill’ and one points right and says something that has been painted out and a drippy ‘Shortcut’ has been painted in. Lock, Shock, and Barrel are standing next to the sign on each other’s shoulders; Shock is on the top; Lock in the middle; and Barrel on the bottom.]

Shock: [Pointing to the right with the paintbrush she is holding] Look! We found a shortcut for you! [She looks at the brush and puts it behind her back.]

Lock: Yeah! It’ll get you to Spiral Hill in no time!

Barrel: And nowhere near Oogie Boogie’s place! [All three laugh as the Carpet heads towards the right-hand path. As the riders pass by they can see the can of paint being held behind Lock’s back.]

[Turning around another corner, Oogie Boogie’s lair comes into sight.]

Genie: Wait, Carpet! Zero went the other way. Turn back!

[The Carpet slows and appears to be turning around. It stops in front of a large drain pipe. A growling-intake sound is heard. Oogie Boogie is sucking the guests into his lair. The Carpet goes into the pipe where it’s total darkness. Wind blows by the guests and the Carpet bounces in the breeze like a leaf. Then everything is still. Oogie Boogie’s laugh echoes through the darkness and the black lights come up. The guests are surrounded by the psychedelic-colored setting of the Roulette Wheel set. Oogie Boogie stands on a ledge glowing his sickly-green color.]

Oogie Boogie: Heh heh heh! How about a little game? Hmmm? It’s called “See If You Can Survive!” [He laughs and presses a button. A string can be seen stuck on the button as he moves his arm away.]

Genie: Not good! Not good!!!

[Items begin to move as the Carpet weaves in and out. The Carpet stops suddenly as the buzz saw blade swings in front of it. Around another turn the slot-machine cowboys drop their arms and fire as the guests fly by them. All the while the Carpet is getting closer to Oogie Boogie’s ledge. Jack Skellington appears and is holding the errant string.]

Jack: [The Carpet approaches a doorway directly under Oogie Boogie.] How dare you treat my friends so shamefully?!?! [Jack pulls the string as the Carpet goes under them. A loud tearing sound is heard as the guests go under the ledge. There is moving machinery on either side as bugs are raining down. High-pitched screams of “My bugs!” are heard as Oogie Boogie falls apart. There’s even a shower of bugs (water droplets) on the guests.]

Genie: Ewww, yuck! [Zero is ahead. He barks and takes off.] There’s Zero! Follow him Carpet! [The Carpet enters the doorway.]

Scene 5 – Hades & Jafarr

The Carpet moves into a dark chamber. While moving the Genie appears on the screens dressed in mechanic’s overalls adjusting gears with a wrench.

Genie: There! Well folks. I have some good news and some bad news. What do you want to hear first? The good news, right? The good news is that I fixed that tricky guidance problem. The bad news is we’re still inside Villain Mountain and those dastardly Villains are looking for us. If I use my magic they will be all over us like crazed housewives at a bargain basement sale. Things look bleak, I know, but now is not the time to panic.

Pain: Who’s panicking? I’m just showing off my new Air-Hercs [Lights come up on Pain & Panic AA figures. Pain has on Herc shoes like in the movie and Panic has the column-shaped Herc sports mug in his hand].

Panic: They are so cool! I gotta get me a pair of those! Where is that shop again?

Pain: It’s just around the corner from the used chariot lot. Can’t miss it. I thought I could use some new shoes when I go to the Muse’s concert tomorrow night.

Panic: Oooooo! Those Muses are good. I got their new album and it’s hot!

Hades: Enough! [Flames erupt behind Pain & Panic. The animated figure of Hades appears behind the flames which slowly die out. Pain & Panic have lowered to a point where you can only see the tops of their heads] You idiots are supposed to be watching for the escapees!

Pain: We are!

Hades: Then what is that? [Pointing towards the guests].

Panic: Oh, just a magic carpet filled with tourists. I’ve heard they’re very common down here in this mountain. [Hades starts getting angry. His blue flame hair starts turning red]

Pain: Yeah. We haven’t seen an escapee, yet! [Lights up on the Jafaar AA figure. Iago is sitting on a rock nearby]

Iago: You call yourselves henchmen!?!? You’re a disgrace! I oughta report you to the VHS, The Villains Helper Society!

Hades: Hey, hey, hey! Those are my henchmen you’re insulting, and I’ll deal with them in my own way.

Jafaar: They aren’t doing a very good job. The prisoners are right under their noses. Even my faithful friend here, Iago, with his limited mental capacity, could realize that is them there.

Iago: Huh?!?! Hey…..!

Hades: [Getting angrier] You are messing with the King of the Underworld, bub!

Jafaar: Oh, please! Don’t make me laugh! Your time was long ago. I don’t even know why the Evil Queen wanted you in on this plan. You are a buffoon!

Genie: [The Genie says this while the bickering is going on] On three, Ruggie! One…..two….three!

Hades points his finger at Jafaar and Jafaar raises his hand to cast a spell. When the Genie says “three”, the Carpet takes off as various explosions happen. 

Scene 6 – Yzma’s Laboratory

The Carpet goes into another cave. A laboratory is set up and Yzma is behind the table filled with bubbling beakers and tubes. She has a spell book propped in front of her. Kronk is next to a large oven, cooking spinach puffs.

Genie: Sh-sh-ssshhhh! [The Carpet stops next to Kronk who is preoccupied and doesn’t notice the Carpet]

Kronk: Yzma, do you think they’ll like my spinach puffs? I want to make a good impression at the banquet tonight. There’s nothing like making a good first impression!

Yzma: [Sighs] Yes, Kronk! I told you they will be a hit with all the Villains. Everyone will love them even though I think they are terrible!

Kronk: [Kronk is oblivious to the insult Yzma has made about his puffs] And don’t forget your promise! You said I could have Space Mountain when we take over!

Yzma: Yes, Kronk, yes! Whatever! I will ask! Now come over here and help me. I think I’ve found the perfect spell for disposing of the prisoners.

Kronk: [Too engrossed in his spinach puffs to hear Yzma’s request] Oh, yes! I just love that attraction! And I can hand out my newest culinary experiments at the exit and get people’s thoughts.

Genie: [In a disguised voice] Excuse me, sir. Can you tell me where the exit is to Villain Mountain?

Kronk: Oh, sure. Go through that door, down the hallway and take the 2nd passage on the right. Just look for the emergency exit sign.

Genie: Thank you, kindly! [The Carpet heads for the door]

Yzma: Kronk? Who was that?

Kronk: Oh, just some wandering peasants on a magic carpet.

Yzma: [Yzma’s head pops up from behind the book after the Carpet passes] WHAT!?!?!? [The Carpet has left the scene]

Scene 7 –Escape Hallway

The hallway looks like a cave but there are a few office doors on each side, the kind with a frosted pain of glass in them. At the end of the hallway is an elaborate exit sign pointing down another passage. As the Carpet passes by each one voices of other Villains are heard and their shadows are seen on the glass. Each door has several scenes which play randomly. So each time a guest rides they will see something different.

Door Scenes:

1) Cruella de Vil: [Shadow of Cruella talking on phone and her cigarette holder in hand] Dahling, must I really share this office with anyone? Who is this Lady Tremaine? Does she know anything about today’s fashions?

2) Madame Mim: [Shadow of Mim hoping around on floor and desk] You just wait, Merlin! Fantasyland will be quite a different place when I get through with it! [Laughs]

3) Shan-Yu: [Shadow swinging his sword around and talking to unseen person] Do they call that marching? I will show those characters in the parade how to march properly!

4) Prince John: [Shadow of Prince John talking to Sir Hiss] Oh, Hiss! That Swiss Family Tree House will be a wonderful summer get-away from Nottingham!

Sir Hiss: Yessss, Ssssire! And that big yellow python at the Jungle Cruise will be out of job when I move in! [Both laugh]

5) Madame Medusa: [Sitting at a make-up table applying make-up and talking on a phone] I don’t care, Mr. Snoops! You do not come back here until you have guaranteed a berth in the Seven Seas Lagoon for my boat! And ask those pesky Dwarves where they found those humongous diamonds!

6) Shere Kahn: [Shadow of Shere Kahn and Scar] Well, well, well, my friend. You had every right to take over the pride from Mustafa! I was rooting for you all the way.

Scar: I know. It was dreadful. By the way, how are those burns doing on your tail?

7) Ratigan: [Shadow dictating a letter to a secretary who is typing] Furthermore, I wish to have sole claim to the Haunted Mansion. I feel I can bring a certain Victorian charm to it.

Gaston: [Shadow of Gaston talking to Lefou] No, Lefou, the castle in the Magic Kingdom isn’t enchanted like that one where the Beast lived. It will be a cinch to infiltrate it. No candlesticks or teapots attacking us.

Lefou: That’s great, Gaston! Can I have a room that over looks the carousel?

9) John Silver: [Shadow sitting at a computer typing away] Dear Mumm, I can’t wait for us to take over. Tomorrowland looks like the perfect spot to set up my base of operations. My crew is all ready to loot and pillage Space Mountain.

10) Clayton: [Shadow leaning back in chair with hands behind his head] This plan will be so easy. There will be no wild ape-men or gorillas to deal with here…AT ALL!

The Carpet turns at the exit sign and follows another tunnel.

Scene 8 – Final Battle

At the far end of the room is a door marked ‘exit’. Fiber optic effects make it shimmer and sparkle.

Genie: Finally! We found the exit! Bee-line, Ruggie!

The Carpet takes off for it when an animated Maleficent in her dragon-form appears. A dragon paw comes down in front of the exit, blocking it. The Carpet comes to a quick stop.

Maleficent: You have caused me enough trouble. It is the end for you all.

The dragon’s mouth opens wide to blow fire on the guests.

Genie: [Looking around anxiously] Oh, what are we gonna do? What are we gonna do!?!?

A puff of smoke and Mickey appears. He is wearing his Sorcerer’s Apprentice costume. This is also an animated projection.

Mickey: Hold it right there, Maleficent! I know all about your plan to take over the Magic Kingdom, and I’m here to put a stop to it! [Mickey waves his hands at the dragon]

Maleficent: Nooooooo! [A whirlwind encases Maleficent. Wind blows the Carpet around and all goes dark. The Carpet is actually moving into the final room during this]

Scene 9 - Storeroom

A loud thud is heard and suddenly all is quiet. The lights come up and the Carpet is inside a museum storeroom. Shelves are filled with artwork and crates are stacked everywhere.

Genie: [Whistles] That was some magic Mickey used. Quite powerful. Almost as powerful as mine. [Doors open as the Carpet approaches and it moves to the Security Station]

Scene 10 – Security Station

The Carpet moves past a security station. There are several monitors above a control panel. An AA Goofy in a security guard uniform is asleep in the chair, snoring loudly. On the monitors different areas of the Museum are seen. One shows Donald Duck in a security costume chasing his nephews back and forth. Others are different Disney ‘toons admiring different art work. Mickey Mouse walks on screen in the monitor and addresses the guests.

Mickey: Hi, folks. Sorry about all that. But it looks like you all made it through without a scratch. And Genie, thanks for all your help!

Genie: [Blushing and being modest] Ah, shucks, Mickey! It was nothing.

Mickey: I have to go now and make sure all those artifacts are kept away from each other. I wouldn’t want this to happen again! Good-bye, folks!

Genie: Bye, Mickey! [Waves bye to Mickey] What a nice guy he is. And now, folks, this concludes your very special tour of the Magic Kingdom Museum of Art. The Magic Carpet and I have to get back to Agrebah so please remember to gather all your personal belongings and exit to the right.

The mirror video screens wink out. The guests exit down a hallway with other artwork into the Museum’s Gift Shop.

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